Singapore Ferry Services to Bintan in Indonesia

Singapore being known to be the busiest metropolises in Asia is just a stone throw away from the soothing islands of Indonesia. As a result, many travelers combine their visit to the city within a short holiday in one of these small paradises.

Opting for Singapore Ferry Services

singapore-ferry4In case you are planning to travel from Singapore to Indonesia by sea, then it is high time you go with Singapore to Bintan ferry, as they have been highly recognized. The tropical resort islands of the Riau Archipelago are nicely connected to Singapore through regular services of ferry and have proved to be the easiest mode of transportation on the way to Bintan.

Bintan, being the major of the 3,200 islands in the Riau Archipelago lies at a distance of less than 40 kilometers distant from Singapore and boasts some abundant tropical forests along with stunning white beaches. One thing to be enjoyed is that despite large size, the place is not over populated. As a result, the immaculate coastline has been considered to be spacious enough to lodge some of the holiday resorts along with leaving enough space for nature.

Several Running Ferry Services towards Bintan

There are several Singapore ferry services that run between Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore and Tanjung Pinang. Tanjung Pinang along with being known as the largest town in Bintan is also the capital of Riau Islands. Ferries use to travel to the ferry workstation at Bandar Bentan Telani, which supply the area of Bintan Resorts.

The trip from Singapore to Bintan takes hardly one hour in any case. Bintan Resort Ferries operate some of the regular services to Banar Bentan Telani along a small island of Pulau Lobam. Some of the regular Singapore ferry services towards Bintan as well as Tanjung Pinang include Indo Falcon, Penguin Ferry and Berlian Ferries.

Finding Cheap Car Rental in Kuala Lumpur

In case you are in Kuala Lumpur, then must have enjoyed shopping and touring to some exclusive spots. Apart from being refreshment, hasn’t it shown you a good face of the world? The answer will definitely be yes! But if somebody asks you the best places to have food in Kuala Lumpur, will you hold any fixed answer?

cheapThe answer will definitely be apologetic as it is true that finding of restaurants in Kuala Lumpur is really similar to finding of pearl into the ocean. Ranging from Malaysian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and other continental dishes you will definitely get lost into the palettes.

Finding Restaurants through Cheap Car Rental Kuala Lumpur – The Best

As you know that man can do everything, similarly by approaching car rental in Kuala Lumpur finding restaurants for you will no more remain a daunting task. Apart from exploring the hidden restaurants, you will also be able to discover those eating places which are situated under a tree at the side of hill.

You can easily come out of this exaggeration as by getting car rental from easybook car rental, you will come in contact with the local person who may be expected to know to know some of the best places. Also, you may fetch details regarding their location along with direction. In case you have planned to tour the whole night but worried about your dinner, then through car rental service it will be possible to get the details of those eating places which operate in night as well.

Easy to Explore Hawker Eating Stalls


While you are on the way to explore the place, with the help of cheap car rental Kuala Lumpur you will also come to know about hawker stalls where you may expect to get everything ranging from breakfast to dinner. The convenience of these stalls can never be overlooked as they are known to serve in need.

Finding Alternates in Kuala Lumpur – Not a Difficult Task

One thing to be kept in mind that as Malaysians prefer eating out, no need to worry about the restaurants that get close. As it is a part of their regular lifestyle, there will be many Malaysians along with you waiting for their turn to eat. You will definitely have several choices in front of you against a single one. By booking a cheap hotel and spending in shopping in a justified manner, you will have enough finance to enjoy a variety of eatables of Kuala Lumpur.

Still, some of the reported places which you must visit by hiring cheap car rental service in Kuala Lumpur for eating purpose include:

  • Bukit Bintang District – Restaurant with delights and restaurants
  • Bintang Walk – Hope to open air cafes and restaurants
  • Bon Ton Restaurant – The dining area is known to be surrounded by green trees
  • Hakka Republic Wine Bar and Bistro – Famous for its exclusive quality of wine


Travel by Ferry In Singapore

After this park run, you can easily check out the city zoo or the Singapore zoo. The zoo is regarded as a must watch because of the verities of animals that are kept there. After covering the park and the zoo, you can easily visit the Waterfront of the Singapore city. The Waterfront Promenade is quite a popular place amongst all tourists and you can take your rental car to the dismemberment point of the pathway.

You can see the whole of the city:

Once you are done with the promenade you can easily get up to the Singapore flyer and see the whole city from it. The flyer is strategically located over a vantage point so that one can easily see the whole view from it. From there you can drive straight away to the marina bay area of the city. Here you will get to see mighty edifices and the modern and tall skyscrapers of this great economically powerful country.


All of the mentioned above places can be visited by you with your rental car. Parking spaces are widely available throughout Singapore; hence you will never have parking issues.

ferry-ticketWhat do you need to get into these ferries?

Well for a start you need a valid ticket. And, not surprisingly, since this is a very popular form of transport, tickets are very hard to come by. You can always pre-book your tickets for the Singapore ferry from the internet. This will make sure that you have a valid reserved ticket. We did the same thing by the way!

Also, since you are changing countries, be sure to have valid travel documents (like a passport or any letter for visa) with you when you are on the ferry to Indonesia or Malaysia.